Khalil Idris was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He spent his teenage years selling candy, clothing, and sneakers to friends and classmates. In accordance with his entrepreneurial spirit, Khalil founded his own clothing line, "Amenity," his second year of college. Khalil wanted to set the trend and break free from mainstream clothing brands. Inundated with the thrill of becoming an overnight success, he left school and took business head on. Khalil took up odd jobs in retail fashion and began taking independent sewing classes where he learned pattern & sample making. He perfected his craft on the sewing machine and sharpened his business acumen, tirelessly studying the ins and outs of fashion. 

A man’s shoes should be sophisticated in design, classic in build.


Khalil went on to intern in Manhattan for several designers, and even working in showrooms with concentrations in womenswear and menswear. He then created a custom tie brand, "The Idris Collection,” which he later discontinued. In pursuit of starting his own luxury brand, Khalil became a tailor's apprentice for a prominent brand in Manhattan. The brand specialized in producing and selling bespoke suits, shoes and accessories to professionals in entertainment and business. Two years into working as a tailor's apprentice, he took an interest in custom shoemaking and eventually found factories in Italy, Spain and Turkey that were willing to work with him. Khalil is adamant about shoe design and understands that the build of a shoe sets the tone for an entire outfit. A man’s shoes should be sophisticated in design, classic in build.